The year with the great concert with kathy kelly ends with the farewell of the conductor

The year with the great concert with kathy kelly ends with the farewell of the conductor

An era comes to an end at the grobheirath choral society. Horst angermuller, who has led the mixed choir since 1967, lays down his conducting baton. He held it in his hands for over 50 years. Angermuller wanted to stay with the choir as tenor singer.

Angermuller, who had been deputy director since 1961, was specially honored at the general meeting. Together with edeltraud obermuller, chairwoman of the singing group itzgrund, the chairman prof. Walter strohmaier received a special commemorative gift and a certificate.

Horst angermuller looked back and could tell of many wonderful experiences with the choir. "Without the singers the choir leader is nothing", he said. In spite of all the work in his farm, he enjoyed doing this job for the association. "I often got down from the combine or tractor, changed my clothes and conducted the choir at a wedding or other celebration, and then went straight back", he paid angermuller. Criticism from the singers has always spurred him on to improvement. He had attended many further training courses and successfully completed the training as a state-approved choir director in amateur music. But he also learned a lot for his choir work from the group singing lessons. He has always worked very well with the club leaders of the past 50 years, also with the choirmaster of the gospel choir, thomas gunther.

During the meeting, the future of the association and its chorus was discussed. The members decided that the two choirs, the mixed choir and the gospel choir, should initially form one choir for half a year, which will be directed by thomas gunther. The singing sessions will take place weekly on sunday evenings at the fischer inn. In addition, one wants to found a project choir. It is hoped that this will attract new singers.

Horst angermuller complained in his choir director’s report that the attendance of the mixed choir after the summer break had been poor. Only after a few weeks it had improved again. The performances, including the advent concert, were very well mastered by the choir. Angermuller thanked thomas gunther and karin rittweger, who were responsible for voice training.

The highlight of the year was the concert with kathy kelly on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the gospel choir in the church in grobheirath. The intensive rehearsals for the sold-out concert had been worthwhile, because everything had worked out very well. "It wasn’t easy, it was a challenge for everyone", looked back thomas gunther. The whole choir pulled together, the choir director was pleased to say, and the audience, which had come from all over upper franconia, was totally enthusiastic, gunther noted. At the advent concert, the choir and the mixed choir presented a fantastic sound. "We can sing together, whether in english or german", gunther emphasized.

Chairman walter strohmaier looked back in his report on the events and announced data from the group meetings and the kreissangertag. So the grobheirath singing society has a total of 74 members, including 42 active, 25 in the mixed choir and 28 in the gospel choir. Eleven members sing in both choirs. The gospel choir completed 27 choir rehearsals last year. About 20 singers were present at the meeting. Strohmaier praised the volunteer choir director thomas gunther, who travels all the way from nurnberg for choir rehearsals and performances.

In the mixed choir, the number of active members has remained the same, with one departure and one new member. Karin rittweger takes over as interim choir director. The mixed choir has held 36 singing lessons in the past year. Margot nesbor, karin rittweger and gerold hummer attended all choir rehearsals or singing lessons in both choirs and were specially honored for this.

"The choral societies are the symphony orchestras of the small communities", said mayor udo siegel in his greeting. He praised the many activities of the choral society. The board of directors and the choir leaders did an excellent job. Mst

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