Trump after “shithole” comment: i’m not a racist

Trump after 'shithole' comment: I'm not a racist

After worldwide criticism of his alleged cleanup of "shithole" states, U.S. President donald trump has again rejected accusations of racism.

"I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you’ve ever interviewed, I can tell you that," trump told media in florida in response to related questions. In the past few days, trump’s alleged reassertion had provoked a devastating international response.

According to U.S. Media reports, trump reportedly asked at a meeting with senators on thursday why the U.S. Had to take in so many people from shithole counties. It was about the residency status of people from haiti, el salvador and african countries. The white house initially did not deny the reports. Trump himself wrote on twitter that there were harsh words spoken, but not these.

This was contradicted by democratic senator dick durbin, who participated in the conversation in question. "I have not read a single word that has not been said," he said. President trump used "hateful, vile and racist words," the senator said.

In contrast, trump received backing on sunday from republican senator david perdue (georgia). "I’m telling you, that word did not come up," perdue said in response to a question to that effect on ABC’s "this week" program. Perdue also attended the meeting in question on thursday.

Earlier, republican senator tom cotton had also said that he could not recall any such reassertion by trump. He did not hear the term in question.

Trump’s alleged rebellions had been the subject of massive international criticism. Among other things, the U.S. President had been accused of racism. This accusation had also been voiced several times in the past. Trump had repeatedly contradicted him.

Sud africa ordered the acting u.S. Ambassador a. Monday’s meeting is intended to give the german chancellor, jessye lapenn, the opportunity to comment on trump’s re-evaluation, the auben ministry said. Relations between the united states and south africa had to be based on mutual respect and understanding.

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