U.S. Pastor under house arrest: dispute between u.s. And turkey

u.s. pastor under house arrest: dispute between u.s. and turkey

Following threats of sanctions by U.S. President donald trump over a pastor who has been detained in turkey for more than a year and a half, egyptian minister mevlut cavusoglu has reacted with pride.

"Nobody tells turkey what to do. We will never accept threats from anyone," he tweeted on thursday evening. The law applies to everyone without exception. Aubenamt spokesman hami aksoy urged U.S. To return to "constructive dialogue".

Trump had previously threatened "far-reaching sanctions". U.S. Pastor andrew brunson suffers "fearfully". The "innocent man of faith" should be released immediately, trump wrote on twitter.

State president recep tayyip erdogan’s spokesman, ibrahim kalin, called the U.S. Government’s "threatening choice of words against turkey, a nato ally" unacceptable. The U.S. Had to understand that they were getting nowhere with threats to make a case subject to the country’s independent judiciary. They should "rethink their approach" before doing further damage to the alliance with turkey.

The state-run anadolu news agency reported late last night that after the tweet and the reactions from turkey, the turkish and U.S. Auben ministers had spoken on the phone. Details of the conversation were not initially available.

Brunson, who had led a small church congregation in the western turkish city of izmir, is accused of links to the banned kurdish workers’ party PKK and to the movement of the preacher fethullah gulen, who lives in the U.S. Turkish leadership blames gulen for july 2016 coup attempt. President recep tayyip erdogan had in the past suggested replacing gulen with brunson. Prosecution calls for up to 35 years in prison for brunson. The next court hearing is on 12. October.

The trump tweet further aggravates the already tense relationship between turkey and the u.S. Among other things, the talks are about opposing positions on the war in syria and sanctions against iran.

On wednesday it still looked as if the situation would be eased. By then, a turkish court had converted the US pastor’s pre-trial detention into house arrest. Brunson will be released from prison but not allowed to leave his home in izmir, CNN turk reported, citing the ruling.

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