Untersiemau has two new honorary burghers

Untersiemau has two new honorary burghers

With the two honorees appointed on thursday at the pre-christmas honorary session, the community has again reached the maximum number of five living honorary burghers prescribed by the statutes. The other three honorary citizens are: fritz werner finzel, arno stammberger and gunther kob. With whimsical words the latter took the two "in the circle of the ehrenburger-fraktion" at.
Thanking people who are particularly committed to the well-being of the community and its citizens is a special honor for him, said mayor rolf rosenbauer during the laudation. The two deserving citizens of mitburg are by no means "inflationary honors" and certainly not everyday or annual honors. The ehrenburgerwurde is the highest award that the municipality can bestow, he emphasized.

Helmut gelhaar focused on sound budget management during his three decades of honorary service on the town council. The reason for this will have been his job as district chamberlain. A contribution from helmut gelhaar has always carried weight. His commitment in various functions was versatile and far-sighted. Rosenbauer: "the name helmut gelhaar still stands today in the community as an example of friendliness, competence and commitment in politics and society."

Reinhart freiherr von stockmar von wangenheim was a member of the municipal council for a total of 35 years. During this time, he understood how to represent the interests of the citizens, first of obersiemau and later of all the citizens of the municipality, and to contribute pioneering and creative ideas for the further development of the municipality, the mayor emphasized. His plus, he says, has always been objectivity and decision-making competence across party lines.
Under karl zeitler, he was second mayor from 1984 to 1990. He supervised the proper use of the finances for many years as chairman of the audit committee (with gelhaar). He felt just as comfortable in various committees as he did in the school association meeting. He has also been successfully represented on many other committees.

By district administrator michael busch, KBM krischa heim and KBI christian bobecker, firefighters were also awarded the silver and gold badge of honor that evening. For 25 years of service these were: jens golle (stoppach) and mark martin (untersiemau). The following firefighters were awarded the gold badge of honor for 40 years of service: michael morgenroth, joachim reibmann and siegbert paschold (all scherneck) as well as norbert engelhardt and michael podtke (both untersiemau). In addition, the 40-year-olds received a voucher for a vacation in bavarian germany. The community of untersiemau added a voucher for an accompanying person.

In and out of the strabs

From the media one had learned, of one in this fast not expected already accomplished first reading of the bill for the further change of the local tax law and financial equalization law by the bavarian state parliament. For this reason, mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) suggested at the town council meeting on thursday that the town's road expansion contribution statute (strabs) be suspended until further notice. The committee voted to wait for confirmation by the legal supervisory authority before taking any further steps. The motion by timo sommerluksch (CSU) to repeal the bylaws was rejected by a vote of 15 : 1.

In 2012, the servers and part of the IT infrastructure in the town hall were last replaced. Due to the rapid development with the need for better performance components and safety aspects, it is necessary to replace important components, he says. Therefore, the committee decided to award the complete contract for the replacement to a untersiemauer company. This had the most economical offer in the amount of about 38.000 euros.

A TV inspection was carried out because of damage to the combined sewer in the schernecker hirtengasse. A complete refurbishment is no longer possible due to the poor condition of the building. For this reason, the planning engineering office is proposing to lay a new 95-meter-long sewer as part of the first construction phase. At a later date, a second construction phase with 105 meters is to follow. The committee therefore commissioned the engineering firm to plan the necessary tree removals for the first construction phase with seven new house connections. To tender the work subsequently limited. Costs around 110.000 euro.

The necessary construction work on the water supply in haarther kellerweg was also put out to tender for the winter months. The work is to be carried out over a longer period in 2018. Due to gross water losses and although the mabnahme will be very expensive financially, it is recommended to reconnect the pipeline in the area kellerweg/triebsdorfer strabe. Therefore, the engineering office kittner& weber instructed to plan the necessary tree removals and subsequently put them out to tender on a restricted basis.

What else was?

In connection with the reinforced concrete antenna mast (radio mast) to be replaced in grubenweg, the municipality refrains from finding further alternative locations because of the documents submitted by the main network operator deutsche telekom. These were namely degrade the reception.

For the development of the herrenleite area, construction phase (BA) III in birkach am forst, the buro koenig& kuhnel commissioned to plan and put out to tender on a limited basis within the scope of the performance phases.

For the development of the area gewerbering sud, BA III, the buro kittner& weber has been commissioned to plan the necessary measures (including the ring connection of the street gewerbering) and to invite tenders on a limited basis. Likewise, kittner& weber commissioned to plan the minor trench renovation work in the 2018 budget year (our report of 8. December) to plan and put out to tender on a restricted basis within the framework of the defined list of companies.

In addition, rolf rosenbauer announced that, with the support of the police, a traffic-calmed area will be set up on the sunny side of the street. Including additional parking spaces, this is to be done in spring.

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