Vdk bad kissingen has rejuvenated its board of directors

The vdk local association of bad kissingen, with over 1900 members, elected a totally younger board of directors at its general meeting. Only lorette weib, who already held the office of deputy chairwoman, remained from the old kissingen executive committee.

But from the beginning: a few weeks ago, the garitz vdk local association, with its over 200 members, unanimously broke up. "This would not have been absolutely necessary, because actually the two local federations garitz and bad kissingen wanted to merge", dear district secretary manuela metz the present know. "It's great how the vdk in kissingen has run so far", praised the geschaftsfuhrerin further, only that for the association with its scarcely 1700 members because of illness and age hardly still a new executive committee found itself. So the vdk local association in bad kissingen gained well over 200 new members virtually overnight, who also made up a large part of the new executive committee in the upcoming election.

Helmut beck, former chairman of the "garitzers, was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the vdk local association in bad kissingen. The 67-year-old is also already deputy chairman of the vdk and sits on various committees. The approximately 100 members present from bad kissingen and garitz also unanimously elected all other board members. As before, lorette weib was confirmed as first deputy chairwoman and women's representative.

Since it now with over 1900 members a rough local federation was, in the apron decided with waltraud middermann a 2. Deputy chairwoman to be set up. Like ms. Weib in bad kissingen, she was already the deputy chairwoman in garitz. Silvia beck, who is already active in the district executive committee, has taken over the post of secretary, and wolfgang steube, the third "garitzer is new treasurer.

Vdk district chairman engelbert roith congratulated the new leadership team from kissingen, which also includes selina egerer as a representative for the younger generation, and said he was pleased that the district association had recently celebrated its 10,000th birthday. Member could bury. City, county and district councillor karin renner loved to know in her greetings that she had made the "vdk the social conscience very nice, because apart from laws and regulations, there was a lot that had to be fought hard for – and the vdk was the right contact for that. Pastor i.R. Philipp klein (oerlenbach), who is currently on a farewell tour, offered some thoughtful words of farewell to the assembled members.

Award for fenn

Roland fenn, who was elected to the 2. Elected chairman of the vdk local association in bath kissingen in july 2008, first as acting chairman and from 2011 as elected chairman, received the "silver bavaria of the vdk" from the district chairman engelbert roith for his voluntary work.

But he was not the only one to be honored that day. In total, he was able to thank 108 long-serving members and present them with the appropriate certificates. Due to age, illness and infirmity, most of the honorees are excused, so the certificates must be sent to them.

Members honored

The following were honored for 25 years of membership: konrad rita, ils katharina, blaha kriemhilde, alburg elisabeth, kos rudolf, and may traugott. Werner anna, dunkel gebhard, kuhn raimund and voges uwe were honored for 30 years and siebert karlheinz and beck kurt for 40 years, the rest for five, ten and 20 years of membership in the vdk local association bad kissingen, whereby the newly added former longstanding garitz members will be honored again this year.

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