When the t-shirt is the intestine

When the t-shirt is the intestine

An eavesdropping attack through one’s own T-shirt? This idea comes to mind when you look at the unusual garment into which eight microphones have been sewn. But in the development of dr. Sarah fischer, assistant physician at the medical clinic 1 for gastroenterology, pneumology and endocrinology at the university hospital erlangen, it is not a police but a medical surveillance method. For the "gastro-digitalshirt" records the wearer’s bowel movements for several days or weeks, providing valuable data for the doctors treating the patient. They can, for example, evaluate treatment methods for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or irritable bowel syndrome, according to a press release from the university.

For her development, sarah fischer has now been awarded the DGVS innovation prize "digital gastroenterology" by the german society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases the "gastro-digital" award, which was presented for the first time this year.

Diagnostics to be expanded

Long-term recording of acoustic abdominal signals is expected to provide insights into the state and processes of the gastrointestinal tract of healthy subjects and especially of people with chronic diseases and to expand non-invasive diagnostics of gastrointestinal disorders. "With our project, we have also created the basis for evaluating individual everyday behavior in terms of its influence on the development of disease.", explains sarah fischer. "This makes it possible for us to develop personal risk management strategies together with the individual concerned.".

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