Where christian children meet

When children from the coburg region.If you want to hand over your christmas wish list directly to the christ child, then you have the opportunity to do so today, 18. November, in lauscha a unique opportunity: under the umbrella of the european metropolitan region nurnberg and the regional management coburger land takes place on this day in the birthplace of the glass christmas tree ball and in the heart of the christmas land coburg.Rennsteig the 1. Christkinder symposium held. Nearly two dozen sky messengers are preparing for their upcoming term of office.

Bring a wish list

While the christ child symposium is rather hard work for the young ladies, it could be an occasion for great joy for children from the coburg, sonneberg, rennsteig region. Because at 16.30 o'clock there is in the vocational school for glass in lauscha, bahnhofsstrabe 56, the possibility to hand over a personal christmas wish list to the christmas children. And firmly promised: every letter to the christian children will be answered, it says in a press release.
The organizers ask for understanding that there is no possibility to get in touch with the christkinder beforehand: "the program is really very packed, almost like a school day", explains kimberley bauschat, who has been busy preparing the event for weeks. But many of the christkinder will come afterwards to the huttenplatz in lauscha and illuminate there together with mayor norbert zitzmann and other celebrities the rough christmas tree of the town.

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