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The honorable castle, landlaufig "walberla" called, is naturally a term for the native ones. If someone from the "far north comes like the six year old yuna, and then her rude parents, who, on the constant drive past to the "walberla" and pointing to the "tafelberg" shape, asks where these names come from, then grandpa and grandma get into trouble explaining. With the word "walberla" probably comes from the holy walburga", she wanted to know more the girl from the first class was satisfied for the first time. About "tafelberg she wanted to know more and this could be explained to her, with the flat summit level being particularly emphasized. "But I want to get up there", said the little one and a few days later all three of them were up on the magnificent table mountain. And then the realization of the first-class lady: "it's not true at all that everything is flat here. It's quite an uphill climb when we walk to the lookout point." The rulers were no longer so sure about their definition of a table mountain. 

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