With humor into the depths of the mordean soul

With humor into the depths of the Mordean soul

It is always exciting and humorous to read a book by helmut vorndran. Just as gripping and funny is a reading with the popular bestselling crime writer, who has ended his cabaret career with TBC (totales bamberger cabaret) and now concentrates on his literary art. At his reading on tuesday evening at the habfurt cultural office, he fascinated the audience with excerpts from his books.

According to the alphabet
In addition to the collection of "mords-geschichten" (murder stories) under the title "dead by franken" has helmut vorndran with "alabaster grave", "blood fire and "the colibri effect three bose, dramatic and mysterious franken crime novels written that could well be described as thrillers.

It is not by chance that the romance titles begin with the letters A, B and C. For the author, whose cabaret vein shines through in each of the books, plans sequels according to the order of the alphabet.

At the reading in the town hall in habfurt, he revealed that his new novel, which will be published in june 2013, will be titled "drei eichen" and thus covers the letters D and E". Since his latest material was enough for three books, but the publisher only approved two volumes, "three oaks" will be the final volume to be the first of two books in a trilogy – completely in the witty manner of helmut vorndran, who wanted to make this work more cabaret-like and satirical again. Naturally, the second volume title will begin with the letters F and G.

"Habfurt will play a central role in it", he told the audience to their delight "even though the drivers from habfurt did not play a major role." He had a geographical experiment from which the county town emerged. "The people of habfurt come off unusually well", the writer smirked, having last tangled with them by calling them bad drivers.

As for the content of the book, he wanted to reveal only this much: "I deal with an original francophone topic that no one has dared to tackle yet." He compared writing to architecture: "it's about how i build a book"." They take about half a year to do this in each case. "First comes the idea collection, then the plan, and then the writing," he explained, he explained.

While he was doing "the colibri-effect" beginning and end in his head and developed the text in between only while writing, the case lies with "three oaks" differently. "I have the complete shell, but until last week I didn't have a plan for the beginning and the end. But now that I have already written the beginning, I am probably just as curious as my readers to see how it ends."

But first he read passages from "the colibri effect", before he regaled the audience with stories from "dead by franken" and e-mails as well as letters from readers about his appearances and books and his answers to them were very entertaining. He also did not include the poem he wrote with deep black humor for the 2014 crime calendar of the publishing house ars vivendi.

With the words: "it is not all nonsense, what I write, much has actually happened, and I also sometimes have a personal concern", he recited the poem "holy transformation" before. In it he complains that it is an impossible undertaking to change something in the church from below.

It did not go round anymore
but the habfurt car drivers also gave him another steep. "There I came today to habfurt at a traffic circle, before which a car stood, to the left (!) blinked and only jerked forward. When the car driver in front of me had activated the headlight flasher, the car made a jump and stopped. When we approached the vehicle, we saw a woman of about 60 at the wheel, crying and saying over and over again: 'i don't understand the traffic circle.' so we pushed it out of the traffic circle and then moved on.", said vorndran, who once again saw his opinion confirmed "that the habfurt car drivers are the worst in the whole world". Nevertheless, he received a lot of applause for his reading, which almost seemed like a cabaret performance and was enthusiastic.

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