“You are there for the people”

It’s hard to say who was more beaming on monday morning: the "gift recipients" or the two savings bank mobiles that gleamed side by side in the sun. There’s no doubt about it, the new female-red runabouts, which are now in the service of charitable institutions, are something very special – and not just because of their unique design, but above all because of the purpose they serve: the handy vws bring people who want to help to people who need this help.

The donation vehicles were handed over by the acting chairman of the board of directors, kronach’s district administrator klaus loffler, his deputy, kulmbach’s district administrator klaus peter sollner, and the board members of the savings bank in a ceremony in front of the savings bank’s head office in kronach.

The initiator of this bavaria-wide savings bank campaign is chairman of the board klaus-jurgen scherr, whose retirement is imminent. This year, in the year of his retirement, four vehicles instead of two will be donated to charitable institutions and the complete acquisition costs of around 12,000 euros each will be covered. On monday, the BRK-kulmbach district association and the diakoniestation schmolz received their new company cars.

Bright faces

"Today I look at all the beaming faces. It’s not every day that you get a new car as a gift", praised chairman of the board klaus loffler. "As a flat savings bank, we are well aware of the importance of mobility for all generations – and we stand by our region as a local partner", loffler made it clear at the presentation of the donation. He used this to sincerely thank the responsible persons and employees of the respective charitable organizations: "you protect the people and are there for the people. You are doing a great job!"

13. And 14. Sparkassen-mobil

All the more reason for him to be pleased that this is now the 13th time since the fundraising campaign was launched. And 14. Sparkassen-mobil to be handed over in the two counties. With the vehicles that will be added in two weeks’ time, a total of 16 sparkasse mobiles of charitable organizations will be on the roads in the two counties.

The uniform design of the vehicles, which was developed by the sparkasse kulmbach-kronach and then handed over to the association for use and distribution to the bavarian savings banks, ensures a high recognition value.

In warm words the recipients thanked for the generous donation. "The sparkasse has done what politics is still allowed to do: it acknowledges and supports the performance of our employees", the chairman of the diakonieverein schmolz, pastor gerald munzert, also expressed on behalf of the head of the nursing service mario migenda as well as the other employees.

The vehicle also comes in handy for the BRK-kulmbach district association. This will be used, explained BRK district manager jurgen dippold from kulmbach, for the senior citizens’ home in neudrossenfeld. In the presence of the head of the facility, ulrike schramm, he emphasized the work of the 400 full-time employees and 1500 volunteers of the BRK, who work hand in hand for the people in the district of kulmbach. The savings bank supports them to be able to help.

Social purpose of the PS savings

"These generous donations were made possible by our loyal customers and PS savers", the two savings bank board members harry weib and steffen potstada. The savings banks’ PS savings program has been in existence since 1952. It combines in a special way the themes of saving, lottery and social purpose. The monthly fee is five euros per lot. Four euros of this amount will be saved, 25 cents will go into a charitable donation pot, the so-called PS net income. From the rest the lottery is run.

Save, challenge, win

In 2019, around 14,000 euros went to social, sporting and cultural projects directly on site in the districts of kulmbach and kronach.

PS-los owners have a monthly chance of winning between five and 10,000 euros. In addition, two special draws are held each year with attractive prizes such as cars or trips.

At the same time, the donation represents an appreciation of the employees of the institutions in question. The donation recipients were chosen deliberately, also as a thank you for the excellent cooperation, of which they now wanted to give something back in the form of this donation. Chairman of the board klaus-jurgen scherr concurs. The campaign has a strong vision of being a strong local partner for the region, and is thus the perfect complement to the existing social commitment. The organizations in question and the sparkasse have something very special in common: "we like to help people!" If you can help to provide the employees with the right tools, then you have achieved a lot, because these employees are "a blessing for the region".

Two more vehicles to follow

The dedication of the vehicles in the christian tradition was also important to the sparkasse. With carefully chosen words, deacon detlef potzl and pastor andreas heindl asked for god’s blessing for all the people who use the vehicle: the drivers and the people who use the help.

On tuesday, 7. July, the donation of the two further vehicles is handed over to the awo district association of kulmbach and the BRK district association of kronach. These will be used for the awo senior citizens’ home in neuenmarkt and the BRK senior citizens’ home in ludwigsstadt.

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